What I want to tell you about today is the radio interview LoisandIndia did on Faith Music Radio. It was special to me because it was a summary of the music they have recorded their over the past 10 years. Janice Wolfe, a woman that has become our friend, interviewed them. If you have not listened to a podcast before, please ask someone to guide you to this recording. It will be worth the effort. It can be found on several platforms, but I located it on Apple podcasts and on Podbean. Both platforms are easy to use by downloading appropriate app.  

The name of the podcast is Eleven2one with Janice. Their show is called Happy Thursday! June 25 Part 1. 

In addition to discussing their music, Janice, Lois and India discussed Covid, people’s opinions on Covid and ended with India sharing a comment made by Sakshi about being a lady. It will cause you to think. It is one of those “out of the mouth of babes” moments. You won’t want to miss it; a comment you won’t forget. It will affect your actions. Little ones are watching.

Lois and India record with Faith Music Missions, which is a ministry of Faithway Baptist Church in Evansville, Indiana. Music is a strong influence in most of our lives, in the lives of our families. As a mother I can assure you that having good music available to our girls was not an accident. It was finding music that reinforced the values we taught. The music of Faith reinforced what we taught about God, holiness, happiness and the future. If those are important values to you, please be certain that the music you play in your home supports your values. Good music is an unseen element that will improve the entire dynamic of your home; the earlier the better. 

We had a good week, fitting in some family time. You do not necessarily think of Evansville as a vacation destination but it is a beautiful and family-oriented area. Because of the pandemic, we could not do a couple of things that we hoped to, but cannot complain. Family time is all about making memories and make memories we did.

I completely fell in love with one place we visited and look forward to a more extensive visit whenever possible. I loved it so much I am going to tell you about it very soon. It was a museum and while there I had a powerful impression of something that needed to be said about places like this. 

Please pray for our family as we travel Saturday so that we can be in our own churches on Sunday.