How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! How great is the sum of them! Psalm 139:17

Sometimes we feel that we just need someone to take care of us. Of course, there are days that we think we can take care of ourselves effectively. As a Christian, those days that we think we can take care of ourselves… We know better than that. I feel that I can take care of myself and handle whatever the day brings when there are no major interruptions to my day and I have spent time with the Lord throughout. Ladies, there are those days, those moments, when we need comfort from the realities of life.

I did have a day like that recently and the feelings of uncertainty stretched into the night. I don’t remember what I said, but I talked to the Lord and the next thing I knew it was morning and my peace of mind returned while I slept. We can never over-estimate the value of rest and a fresh perspective that comes with good sleep.

I have the verse above underlined in my Bible, but at the top of that page I made a note about Psalm 139. I wrote, “a most personal Psalm.”  Verse 17 is particularly comforting to me; I love this chapter, but I might call this verse a key verse. How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them!  When I read this verse I am reminded of how tenderly God thinks toward me all the time. This verse reminds me that he has many thoughts about me, good thoughts. I marvel, because the God of the universe cares so deeply for me. His thoughts, combined, are great. They are many. They are huge. Why for me? That is His grace.

The things that God has put in my mind to do, He will help me do them and he will help me happily. He knows I need help and encouragement. Anyone who thinks so many good things about me is right there with me when I’m struggling. He never leaves. He never forsakes. Hebrews 13:5

I would encourage you to read this entire chapter; there may be another verse that speaks comfort and peace to you today. If we want the peace of God, the kind that passes even our own understanding, sometimes we will have to make an effort toward that.

If anxiety causes you to draw closer to God, then we can count that as a good thing. I want to be honest; I don’t think I have ever thought of anxiety as a good thing, but in retrospect and when I’m thinking clearly I realize that there have been times that my anxiety might have risen because I have neglected The Lord because of the cares of this world. God created us with a need for Himself. He wanted us to need Him and this would never be so if He did not love us. 

So this thing, or those things that trouble you can become smaller when washed with truth. Don’t allow that “wicked one” to tell you that you are no good or that any situation has no good solution. With Christ, nothing is without hope. It is battle, but we have the victory and His name is Jesus Christ. He thinks many precious things about us. 

Can’t you see the Son rising on the horizon? His presence can make it a lovely day. Enjoy yours.