A new release book by Marsha Blackburn

“So let all thine enemies perish, O LORD: but let them that love him be as the sun when he goeth forth in his might. And the land had rest forty years.”  (Judges 5:31).  Taken from the song of Deborah and Barak.

I pre-ordered this book. I know how a conservative woman thinks because I am one. Marsha Blackburn is a woman that I admire and I wondered how and why her life took the direction that it did. 

Her life began differently than mine and I could scarcely relate to the level of tenacity she displayed at an early age. She was a young woman with a string of successes early on in her life. I could not relate and considered not finishing the book. I am glad I continued on. She maintained a standard of excellence for her life. 

What held my attention was her level of faith, combined with her work ethic while keeping faith and family as priorities.  The Bible teaches that women are the keepers of the home and many have walked away from that and many of them, by choice.  Because of my concern for families, I was concerned for the Blackburn family. 

Like Esther, I believe each of us has an important calling upon our lives. Senator Blackburn told me her story as I cleaned porches and windows and while I brought fall decorations into the house. Chapter after chapter, my heart drew closer to hers.  This is not a woman that has neglected her family, but must live an incredibly disciplined life. Keeping family tradition and making memories is a vital part of her life. 

Despite being in Washington D.C. most weeks, Sunday dinner after church is still a very big deal in the Blackburn home. Keeping those kinds of traditions does not happen without planning and effort. It happens because she and her husband have made God and family a priority. I honor that. 

As you read this, you will learn of her entering politics. You will hear about the struggles she had because she is a woman, because she is a Christian woman. The way she handles attack and opposition is grace-filled. I appreciated her testimony about several difficult situations we faced. 

This woman is smart and she is truly inspiring. I do not usually read books more than once, but I will listen to this one again. Because I was busy I while I listened, I recall pieces of wisdom that I’d like to incorporate into my life. I need to hear them again. She handles conflict better than I and I detected some thoughts that could help me to do better in my own life. 

I saw Marsha Blackburn at the Republican National Convention. She had a feminine red suit on; she was beautiful, stylish and modest. I thought, “she must be almost ten years younger than me.”  She is 6 years older than me!  Me; oh my. 

This is a woman that is fighting for life, in every sense of the word. She is a warrior fighting the battles she is called to. As women of 2020, we are called to a variety of battles. I think this book – The Mind of a Conservative Woman – will inspire you to accomplish well the things you were called to in such a time as this. 

You never look silly when you are defending the American people and their pocketbook. Marsha Blackburn