It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD and to sing praises unto thy name, O Most High: Psalm 92:1 

Almost Here …..

A day to celebrate what we are thankful for. It is almost here. We look forward to Thanksgiving because of loved ones that will gather around a table spread with a bounty fit for any king. Many families have a tradition of taking turns sharing a thing for which they give thanks. For family around the table. For salvation; might it never seem mundane to us. For our country, rich and free. A goodly heritage. For good health. For pumpkin pie and look! It’s snowing outside! The little ones that share from the heart, with joy! Those little ones have become my grandchildren, six of them. THANKFUL.

God’s Word instructs us to give thanks. Thankfulness was put in our hearts at the time of creation. People of all cultures and faiths recognize the importance of being thankful. We celebrate Thanksgiving with a bounty on our table and around our table. The day ends with full hearts and full tummies. THANKFUL. 

I have spent many Thanksgiving holidays with loved ones in India. Our celebration is thoughtful of the way the earth yields her fruit. It is a vegetarian feast, where colorful vegetables are prepared with care and creativity. One of the dishes I remember most was prepared by a man in the church. More than a hundred tiny purple eggplants, simmered in a delicate sauce. Eggplants never had it so good. They were the best eggplants I have ever eaten. For those of us eating turkey this year, I remember a Vietnamese proverb. It reminds me: When eating the turkey, remember the farmer that raised it. THANKFUL.

Thanksgiving was often hosted at the Croushore Farm where I shared many good memories with my family. At one time I shared their name too. I will never forget the year that the kitchen chairs were being recovered. We needed them to seat everyone. My mother was a bit stressed, asking, “Gordon, why aren’t the chairs here? You need to go pick them up.” Thanksgiving fragrances filled the air, combined with a level of tension. The chairs did arrive, just as the first guests arrived.  VERY THANKFUL.

Memories of my mother in a crisp apron preparing birds that scarcely fit in the oven, with stuffing, potatoes and gravy.  Tables carefully prepared with perfectly placed settings of stoneware or the china that rarely left its place in the cabinet. A fall flower arrangement, a pilgrim or two and a pumpkin. Oh! Can’t forget the paper turkey that we unfolded every year. For sweet memories, I am THANKFUL. 

Make some memories this Thanksgiving. Festive it up. I was delighted with my tacky decor, hanging the sign on the fish, while my table was set with fine china. Incidentally, My mother caught this fish about sixty years ago. It had been the focal point, a conversation piece at the farm in Pennsylvania, until I brought it back to Florida a couple of years ago.  The fish reminds me that I have a goodly heritage. THANKFUL.  

That I would decorate my fish for Thanksgiving is a reminder that I can laugh! VERY THANKFUL.