Did you ever get a phrase or thought in your mind that you could not shake. When I do, it is generally because it is something I have to pause and consider because God wants to show me something about it. 

The phrase “becometh holiness” has been on my mind for a couple of weeks. I was thinking of the verse from Titus 2:3.  The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;

This portion of Scripture in Titus that describes aged women advises us to behave in a way that reflects well upon holiness.. The Scriptures teach what holiness is. It is good behavior, not to be confused with being sullen and superior. Being joyful, grateful and optimistic becomes holiness. It is a part of it. Holiness is not stodginess; it is not boring, but it may be challenging. It is to live consistently as a Christian. 

Enter Grace; enter Holy Spirit. With their help we can:

  1. Be women that avoid gossip, a woman that has learned to “shut it down.”
  2. Be lovers of hospitality. I shared a pot of coffee with a friend this past week. She greatly encouraged me by telling me about her desire to love God more and what she is doing to get there. I was impressed and challenged. We prayed together. An investment of 10 minutes, a pot of coffee. Priceless. 
  3. Speak exhortations, because we make time to learn what God says about the matters of life, and faith. 
  4. Have a steady disposition, speaking well of others.
  5. Be sober, in nature and in the manner of avoiding alcoholic beverages. This article is not about whether or not alcoholic drinks are ok with God. A couple brief thoughts on this: The Bible supports abstinence of alcoholic drinks and until you do the study, let me ask you a question. Do you know of one person whose life has been improved by alcohol? Perhaps the seller was enriched,  but just their coffers. When one thinks of a woman that envisions holiness, she will never be holding a glass of wine. Ever.
  6. Learn to be kind, even when it is difficult. We can learn to find something good in everyone and we can tell them.  We can learn to encourage others.
  7. Actually be holy. Acting holy is a recipe for embarrassment, or worse. Being something you are not will not be possible for very long. Be your imperfect self. Be a woman that messes up, but tries to make things right and determines to do better next time. Oh my, but that is I! 
  8. Better love our children and husbands and teach young women to love their children. I used to this that was a given, but look around you. What women love most is not their children, their husbands or their God. Women have not been taught, so they are choosing the default – loving themselves. I grieve for this. It is unholy and it is empty and can never bring happiness.  Some learning would benefit the pursuit of holiness. It is not innate. Be thou an example.
  9. Be discreet and chaste. By Grace and the Holy Spirit, we can obey our husbands. We may have perfect manners and look like a lady, but if we are not obedient to our husbands, we are not holy women. This may not be easy, but I promise you, God’s ways will be best. Some holy behaviors will be easier to develop than others. The world will not support your efforts, but the One that created the World will. 
  10. Keep our homes. A holy woman keeps her home. The more proficient you become in homemaking, the less burdensome it will seem. You may learn to enjoy the process. A kept home gives the sense that the Holy Spirit happily dwells there. It is a place you will want to be too.

You can learn about what becometh holiness through the pages of Scriptures. Look to Ruth, to Esther, to Mary – the mother of our Lord. To the other Mary. A vivid picture is painted of a lady that becomes holiness in the last Proverb.  

Something your mothers told you: Be careful who your friends are. Some women will  inspire you to be better and some will inspire carelessness in many areas of life. There are few better places to find these women than among church family. Holiness is not learned by osmosis. Well, perhaps there is an element of osmosis determined by the friends we keep. 

When we have a desire to love God, to know Him, thereby spending time with Him, He will change us. God will change our desires; He will help us move in the right direction. He knows our frame because He is our Creator. The core of a woman that becometh holiness is her relationship with The Father. 

Finally I stress the word “becometh.”  It is a process. None of us are perfect, but genuine desire to become holy, to be holy is foundational. 

I am convinced that the first step towards attaining a higher standard of holiness is to realize more fully the amazing sinfulness of sin.   J.C. Ryle