“Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;” (2 Corinthians 10:5)

First off, I am not speaking of dat-ing! That might be scarier than being da-ted!

Every year, designers tell us what is “on trend.”  Hahaha… “on trend” is a trendy way to say in style, fashionable, hip and cool. 

Honestly, I like the phrase “on trend” because it sounds catchy. When I think of my home, however, I am more inclined toward the words “lovely, peaceful and welcoming.”

When following trends of any kind, it is always a good idea to remember the source of the trend. It may be that a majority of what is on trend today became popular by people that have no interest or respect toward God. He did not enter their thoughts as they design their lives nor as they hope to design ours.

Above all, we must make our choices align with God’s aesthetics. Doing this we have great liberty, because there has never been one born so creative as He. Why?!?! God created creativity! 

A home that is on trend and fashionable does not necessarily guarantee a place that is a refuge and a haven.

Let us look at a few examples of trends, past and recent.

  • Red walls. HGTV (Home and Garden Television) covered many walls with red paint in the 80’s and early 90’s, as I recall. At the beginning of their shows, often they do a “before” walk through. Years later, they walked into a red room and were aghast at the horrible paint on the walls. You know what? It was very “on trend” ten years earlier; the very same decorators said so. 
  • Shiplap shiplap everywhere and nary a smooth wall to be seen.  Shiplap in white, shiplap in black and shiplap au naturel. Wooden slabs hanging horizontally. If hung vertically, we might call it paneling.
  • Speaking of vertical; remember vertical blinds? Still have them?
  • Reclaimed wooden furniture and flooring. It can be beautiful, but sometimes beauty clashes with practicality. Picture a reclaimed wood dining table. Lovely. Practical? Not necessarily.
  • Edison lightbulbs were quite popular for several years; I hear they are on their way out now. 

What is a homemaker to do? Truly, refer to the verse above. Cast down imaginations, and yes, everything that exalts itself against God. A paint color? Really? No.

It is not the paint color. It is the need to change it every season or two. At some point, changing out things every year is poor stewardship and a reflection, I think that this person does not know themselves, that they are not confident in what they like.

If you love red and love red walls, learn how to incorporate them into your home in a way that pleases your aesthetic. (What pleases you and feels comfortable to you.) There are few better places to do this than on Pinterest or perhaps Instagram. Type in RED WALLS or RED ROOMS and see what comes up; from there, you might try red accents, and conclude that this is a better way to go for you and those you live with. Pictures are helpful and inspiring and well worth the look. They can help you refine your likes and dislikes.

Study the rooms you like. Why do you like them? What do you already have that can help create a similar look for yourself? The best rooms are created over years, a little here and a little there.

I had a friend that used a lot of red and I admired it so much that I chose a sofa cover whose primary color was a muted red, with olive and gold accents. The pattern was floral and I loved it for many years. It would still match my home, but in time, I realised that I did not like red as a predominant color in my own home.

Shiplap became popular because we loved Chip and Joanna Gaines. Shiplap was common to their part of the country. Rather than destroying it, they opted to use it as an art form, part of the decor in renovating. Striking and often beautiful; at times, maybe overdone. I liked it and could have incorporated it, but when we incorporate everything we like into our homes, the result can be cluttered and chaotic, instead of cohesive and calming.

Gray? (Also spelled grey.) Does everyone truly love gray THAT MUCH?  It is everywhere. Yes, it is a neutral but there are so many other neutrals to choose from. That it is a neutral does not mean it compliments everything. How do you know if you truly love gray? You have not tired of the look. It works well with other features in your home. You tend to wear grey often because it looks good on you. If you are a “gray” person, then don’t let the designers tell you that gray is “out” especially if you have spent a lot of money going gray. (Most women spend money to get rid of their gray) Refine the accents in your home to things that you really like. Remember, against gray, most anything will work. In about 10 years, gray will be back and you will totally be “on trend” or whatever they call it then. Your grays will be perfectly refined then.

I never was a fan of vertical blinds, but I had them in a couple of homes. They served a purpose in addition to being fashionable. They gave privacy; they opened and closed beautifully until they did not! If I had good quality verticals in my home that generally matched my decor, they would not be the first thing I would change, especially if on a window that offered good sunlight. One off their qualities was that, when opened, they seemed to disappear and all you saw was the beautiful outdoors. 

Finally today, consider little things that change fashion. Edison bulbs, the old-fashioned looking bulbs that show the filaments, are supposedly going out of style. I use them in a couple of places and will continue to. I have a back up supply that I am not planning to throw away, but I originally chose them as lighting because they worked with the fixture I chose. It is a “look” and if it coordinates with the rest of the room, why change it?

If we like something, changing it for because someone else says to is, well, just fickle.

Fashions change, in great part, because of economics and imagination. Companies want to sell and we want to be in-style. This is where I remind you that we are all different, all wonderfully made. Some things will be attractive to us, others will not. 

Developing your own style and confidence may take years and that is okay. For most of us, we can enjoy our surroundings by developing our unique style, which may be guided by a few generally accepted rules. We may decide to surround ourselves and our family with a home unlike any other. 

If we are true to what we like and what speaks comfort to us, then our home will be unlike any other.

One of my passions is “the home.” Like you, I have a passion to know Christ and to make decisions within the guidelines of Scripture, wherein is great liberty. When God made us “keepers of the home, it was a gift, and opportunity to use our creativity.”

It is my desire, even a burden, to help as many women as possible to turn their dwelling places into peaceable habitations. This speaks of the paint on your walls, but more of you, the woman God designed you to be, a keeper of the home.

Let us each purpose to be keepers of our homes in 2022, wherever your home is.


My pastor’s wife just began a Bible Study on the book of Hebrews. The first week was a broad overview of what we will learning. 

I am taking the class from home. It live streams from our church website on Tuesday mornings, beginning at 10AM, with each class being about 90 minutes. Many ladies attend in person, but I will set up at my desk, wherever that may be on a particular Tuesday! 

The first class from can be watched at the Open Door Baptist Church website. https://www.facebook.com/OpenDoorClermont   Here is a link to the lesson: https://www.facebook.com/OpenDoorClermont/videos/303661568370526

I watch the livestream directly from the home page of Open Door Baptist Church: https://odbconline.org

For a pdf of the notes, you may contact our church office, asking Kathy for a set of the Hebrew study notes. I’d suggest watching the introduction first to make ensure your interest. Her email address is: k.biggs@odbconline.org k.biggs@odbconline.org

Involvement in this class meets all three criteria for my plans for 2022:

  1. Growing in wisdom, which is found in Scripture.
  2. Gaining knowledge. A study on Hebrews will help me know more about God’s Word, throughly.
  3. Good stewardship of my time. I know this 90 minutes will be rich in wisdom and knowledge.

I have posted a video of this class on Instagram. As a reminder, if you do not have Instagram, you may see the video on the home page toward the bottom,

Jump in on this. You won’t regret it. The class officially begins next Tuesday, the 18th of January.