by Lois S. Ormsby

From time to time I will be posting short articles by women I that I have watched practice hospitality. Each of these women practice with purpose. Lois is my daughter, but has developed thoughts that are very much her own. I was inspired by her focus.Cindyann

Use hospitality one to another without grudging.  1 Peter 4:9

This command is easily overlooked in everyday life.  Did you know that fulfilling this is a command from God?  So often we hear the assumption that some people have the gift of hospitality, and some don’t.  That’s not what God says about it, though.  He says that if I am His child, I am supposed to be a hospitable person.

Guess what – I’m not even talking about having people over to your home and entertaining them.  No…the LORD has so much more for us to embrace in hospitality than that.  This world is full of sorrow, trauma, and depths of despair – and hospitality is a huge role player in wiping away the tears.

Having people over is part of hospitality – and especially in our modern American culture where the majority of us are caught up in the rat race, I feel it is essential to factor company in to our schedule.  It’s good for the soul; good for your soul to serve others, and good for the souls of those you bring into your home.  Yet – we cannot define hospitality as simply “having people over”.  Why?  Well, think about this: when Jesus was on this earth, He had no home of His own!  Yet, He lived out before us what hospitality is all about.

Hospitality is one that does not play its role by itself.  It is one that is lived out, day by day, moment by moment – through us.  It is all about connecting with people on purpose.  We can’t wait until we’re not busy – that day will never come.  What sometimes means the most are those extra mile gestures, those little things we go out of our way to do to minister to another person.

Perhaps the most important truth about hospitality is that it is supposed to lack fanfare.  In our era, it’s easy to post all the pictures of our perfectly coordinated party or themed birthday gift for someone.  There isn’t anything wrong with posting pictures. Friends…I do it, too.  But, I do it less than I used to, for I’ve learned that the only audience I really need is Jesus – if He sees what I do for others, that is enough.

Let your hospitality begin in the way you interact with people.  Hospitality is all about the needs of those you are tending.  The Bible says that “…the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister…” (Matthew 10:28).  If Jesus walked the earth that way, let me walk the earth that way, too.