…she shall rejoice in time to come. From Proverbs 31.

This past Friday I arrived at my daughter’s home to whisk away my oldest granddaughter for an early birthday celebration. My daughter mentioned to me that Sakshi’s primary love language was quality time. 

For 24 hours, it was just the 2 of us. I knew that she needed some new clothes so we went shopping to buy her birthday gifts. I think I had more fun than her. It is a special thing to visit with a grandchild up close as their personality develops into the beginnings of the kind of person he or she will become. 

We bought some very feminine and very cool outfits. Sakshi was excited and talked… well … just about the whole time! I know her better; we love each other more than ever.

The shopping was fun, but I was more excited about the surprise that awaited her after we got to my place for the rest of the evening, which would end in a sleepover. On the way home, I asked her if she wanted to sleep with me or if she wanted her own room. Without hesitation, she chose her own room. We were both delighted with that option. 

We carried our parcels in and Sakshi was met with a table already set for “high-tea.” Our dinner.  Until dinner, we chatted and read some. We talked about Jesus and read about Queen Esther. 

Sakshi tried on her outfits and we declared our trip a success!

As I put the finishing touches on tea, including brewing the tea,  we talked some more. She told me that she wanted to be like Queen Esther and I told her I wanted to be like the woman in Proverbs. She did not quite understand which one I was talking about, so I told her I would show her after dinner.

The menu was designed for Sakshi. She likes most all foods but cannot eat all foods.

Chicken salad sandwiches on mini baguettes.

Tomato, Mozzarella and Salami skewers on a bed of tomatoes on the vine.

White chocolate mousse with blueberries

Graham sugar cookies

Cream Cheese mints

And the tea was… well, incredible! It was London Fog Tea. Oh my. Even at tea parties I generally drink coffee, but I wanted to join Sakshi fully for our tea. It was delightful. Earl Grey tea, French lavender syrup and milk. 

To my coffee buddies: You may expect me to force this on you next time we do coffee at my place. You will just have to trust me on this. 

My little Sakshi actually moaned as she ate. Sweet. She told me that she could probably only eat 1 of the sandwiches. I made four of them. I told her that was okay. I might eat her other one instead of dessert. Wasn’t long until she told me that she thought she could eat the other one. I was happy; the evening tea cheered me exquisitely. (That’s a fine tea word; isn’t it?)

Sakshi used her best manners and spoke elegantly too, discussing the need to be delicate sometimes. I loved it! My little lady!

After dinner, we read another story about Hannah, then we read about the Proverbs 31 lady together. Listening to her diction and clear pronunciation of the letters was a joy. She reads words with the letter “t” sweetly. A reminder that I am careless with my pronunciation sometimes. 

A bubble bath followed, then our evening ended with a movie .. The Little Princess, with Shirley Temple. 

Saturday morning, Sakshi had more of her London Fog tea; I reverted back to my usual black coffee. We quickly dressed then moved our party to Lois’ home for brunch, where all my grandchildren were. That is another story to be shared only upon request.

I did take pictures of our shopping and tea party. They will be posted to my Instagram account. CindyannRasquinha is my username but the pictures can also be accessed on the front page of CindyannRasquinha.com

So long as I have strength I will plan a special day with each of my grandchildren to celebrate their birthdays. It may mean more to me than to them. 

I remember hearing someone say:

To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, You have to be in their lives today.

Won’t you consider sharing some time and hospitality with a “little one?” Investing in a child is like investing in the world.