Week 42

Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. Psalms 51:10

The word “purity” is found twice in the Scriptures, but I emphasize the verse above today. It is a prayer and found on the hearts and lips of many that love God. It is, undoubtably, the prayer I pray most frequently, unless it would be prayers of thanksgiving.

As our country declines, many patriots have become more vocal in their demands for freedom, including religious freedom. They are mostly a peaceful lot and have been persecuted for their mostly peaceful cries for freedom and justice. 

The verbal testimony of the patriots is that they largely believe in God – and I am glad they do; yet, Ladies, I am more saddened that their lives do not reflect that the head knowledge of God, has moved with truth to their hearts. Their words tell me this.

It is very difficult to maintain a clean and pure heart in today’s world if we know what is going on around us. Depravity – now there is a poisonous cup of tea – flaunts itself before our eyes and chants into our ears. The “evil one” is using this exposure attempting to destroy us.

I do not know what “Brandon” thinks every time his name, the good name his mother gave him is used too simulate a vulgarity that many Christians feel comfortable using and chanting. I don’t think it is funny or cute, because this phrase turns our hearts from that which is lovely or pure.

For many years my primary associations have been with loved ones that do not use offensive language. I reached a point that hearing foul language immediately upset my sensibilities. For the most part, the general public self-monitored their words in order to avoid offending others or to avoid having others think they lack good manners. Quite honestly, great lengths of time could pass without my being exposed to a vulgarity, so they never entered my mind. It never occurred to me how unusual and blessed I was, even sheltered. 

Well! The roof is leaking; the windows are broken! It is pouring in and I must seek Protection during this storm. Suddenly it has become acceptable, even trendy, to turn a phrase that has derogatory meanings. 

It is quite one thing for the lost world that openly hates our Jesus to speak the way lost people do, but those of us claiming the name of Christ have increased responsibility to protect our ears and our minds. We must remember not to practice our freedoms by making leagues with people using vile language, just because we share the love of America.

We become like who we are with. Observers think we are the same, and we may not be, but that is the power of association. The French historian, “de Tocqueville” was likely not a born-again Christian but he saw and testified about the link between the faith of Americans and the strength of America. Our faith in Almighty God made us different and made us strong. Outsiders observed this; this is why many outsiders became insiders and embraced the faith and practices of America too. 

People `want to come to the United States today but their reasons are jaded. We have moved from the land of opportunity to the land of hand-outs. They see the blessings of God, but deny the source, in great part because of the poor stewardship of our elected officials, many exposed with impure hearts, minds and mouths. There is little evidence of asking God for wisdom as God allowed in James 1:5.

If you are reading this, you probably know this is true already. You are are offended by swearing, and more so – that Christians can speak the same way. We know how this kind of an alliance weakens our prayers.  (If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me:  Psalms 66:18)

God calls for purity in our lives. Purity is part of His plea to us as elder women in the church. The elder women as mothers; the younger as sisters, with all purity. 1 Timothy 5:2. In fact – all purity.  We feel more at peace when our hearts and minds are clean.

Ladies, it has never been more important to protect our hearts and minds from the dirt of the world. We are called to be spotless and blameless. We live in this world, but truly are not part of it. 

We cannot remove ourselves from other people but our associations can be greatly controlled by reminding ourselves Who is in control of our lives. A reminder from last week: Our identity is in Christ.

The patriots calling for God to heal our land and chanting for Brandon the next moment will have disappointed expectations. Our country was won first in the church house; that is our history. 

We must continue praying for our country, including the misguided patriots and their need to turn their hearts to God. He is my hope and I will not be disappointed on that day. God cannot be part of the plan to restore America; He must be all and in all. 

I want my mind pure. I want it clean. As with our homes, things do not become clean by desire alone. We set up a plan then get busy.

  • When I open I my eyes, I will praise God.
  • Shortly after rising I will meet with Him and think about what He has put on my heart already that day.
  • Throughout the day I will listen to music that tells of His glory and His love.
  • I will do these things often so that dirt does not accumulate. 
  • When dirt has unexpectedly gotten in, I will ask my Father to help me clean it out.

We have to have a plan and it does not have to be complicated or long. This is a partial list of what I do to combat the impurity of the world around me. When our hearts are pure, God will be pleased to dwell there and it will be a place you will be happy to call home.

He that loves the Word and the purity of its percepts cannot turn traitor.  William Gurnall

CRUMPETS: I have a little news today to go with your “tea.” I am going to begin posting more here, and less on Instagram, so this will be the place to spend more time with me. I have a few thoughts on this and as they take shape, you will be the first too know!

I am reading the book of First Samuel. Think Saul the Philistines, David and Samuel, of course. I do not know how many times I have read the book of 1st Samuel – surely not as many as some of you – but I was struck by something that I never noticed before. That actually happens almost daily. 

A few days ago, a verse struck my heart. It inspired these visuals: