Fall Decor with a song by Lois and India, from “Blessings.”

And my people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation, and in sure dwellings, and in quiet resting places;  Isaiah 32:18

The video/slideshow above reflects snippets of Autumn decor. As I have posted to Instagram this past week, I have had comments and emails about my decor. Let me tell you 10 things about decor, some of them mine and some of them general.

  1. I love the traditional “fall colors” and use them year round. Because they are only colors, they work with whatever decor. Some of the decor is strictly seasonal, but much of it is incorporated with items that I keep out year-round. 
  2. Before I begin decorating for a season, I remove anything that will not work with what I am doing. Specifically, for autumn decor, I removed pussy willow branches and other artificial things. I changed my lighter containers/vases for darker ones and perhaps heavier ones. Think crocks. 
  3. An interjection for you!   Who says Fall must be done traditionally? If you like like pastels, for example, you can easily incorporate pink pumpkins, pearls and lace if you like. Make your home reflect who you are. You will enjoy it more that way. I love the pastel look. I have seen fall done with blues showcasing transfer ware pumpkins. Just lovely. I stay close to “my look” because developing this look happened over 30 years. Were I to change to another expression of fall decor, I’d have too much stuff to buy, to take care of; you get the picture. That is a bridge I won’t cross. We can update our style a little bit every year without it becoming a major ordeal or expense.
  4. Decorating is easiest if you keep your things reasonably packed, organized and labeled. I have fun each year opening the containers of things that speak “fall” to me. I forgot about this or that thing. It may be a reminder of a trip to Gatlinburg or a factory; wherever, perhaps a friend. Before you start unpacking your trip down memory lane ….
  5. Make a cup of tea or coffee… something that smells and tastes like Autumn. Go to where your storage containers are and begin unpacking, reminding yourself of what you have. Begin thinking where you might put each item. After you finish your drink …
  6. Begin walking from room to room, eyeing places or containers that could be decorated for the season. I put some form of Autumn into every room in the house. Look for pitchers, bowls, baskets and metal containers that are copper, bronze or brass. These things lend themselves well to my version of fall and might for you too. Keep in mind the children. I have very fragile things that I keep higher and I have things that the little ones are welcome to finger and play with. An example is a basket of small pumpkins and ears of corn. If I know they are coming I hide them throughout the house. They love it; they love the chaos; they love their fun grandmother. We make good memories. After they leave, I continue finding pumpkins they did not see, so my fun and memories continue. I leave them in their hiding place – which is always in plain sight – until we do it again.
  7. I do not rearrange my home for seasonal decor; I fit it in. I am celebrating a season and decorating does not take long. I put things out, and tweak as days pass and I get a better idea. In a few days, a minute here; a minute there, it is satisfactory and I am satisfied.
  8. I do have quite a bit of Fall decor. I purchased very little of it. I inherited things from my mother and father. My friends know I love Autumn and I am liable to get a gift celebrating Fall and me anytime of the year. I have one friend that has nearly made this an art form. I never think about getting a gift. At least once a year, she gives me a gift and by now, I suspect it will be a fall/winter decoration and I am usually and happily right. As I walk through the house and see these things, I am reminded of her and might pause to pray. Today she is involved in intensive ministry and I want to pray for her periodically. Reminders are everywhere.
  9. Don’t try to make your home look staged. I might share pictures of my home, but my home is for living and I do not let an occasional cobweb or visible wires ruin my day or decor. We are busy and decor should never be taken too seriously. You would not have to look closely to see wires that could have tucked away for the picture.  Who does that? 
  10. Finally, I use these artificial things because that is what I have. And they work for many years. If I lived in a part of the country that burst into what I think of as “Autumn Glory,” my home would look very different. I was married in Pennsylvania, in the Fall. Harry and I had our reception outdoors.  Two days before the wedding, a friend of mine and I drove my car into one of the fields that bordered the woods and we filled the trunk with Fall finery. We made the floral arrangements with colorful leaves and flower-weeds and I loved them. Use what you have and whatever is convenient. 

Not everyone likes this sort of thing. If I did not have grandchildren, I’d probably tone it down a bit and perhaps celebrate fall with a few potted mums. This is truly friendlier to my budget because I am using what I have. Also, Someone recently reminded me that some women feel they do not know how to do these things. You know what? I am “in my element” when I am puttering around my house. It is relaxing, a creative outlet. I marvel equally at my friends and their abilities to make things or to do certain things. No one can do everything. I am not a perfectionist with my decor or my homemaking. My life has many obligations and responsibilities that prevent me from puttering to my heart’s content.  Discover what your “things” are and share them with others. Doing this enriches their lives, and yours. 

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.  Albert Camus