Written and published in August 2016, during the presidential battle between HR Clinton and DJ Trump. It is amazing to note that truth never changes.

 I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:  Deuteronomy 30:19 

The idea of separating faith and politics must be abolished if America is to be great again. We are hanging on by a thread, provided entirely by the mercies of God. It is the faith of our great nation that has allowed America a prominent role in carrying the good news of Jesus Christ around the world, strengthening our own country simultaneously. Preventing Christian views from affecting politics is a tool of Satan, and no less than that. It is, unfortunately a tool, that Christians have succumbed to with increasing frequency.

The conclusion that I’m coming to about this presidential election is frightening. Speaking about current events is huge and it is messy. I would much rather go inside, lock my doors, and wait for it to go away. Good manners, perhaps a certain amount of apathy or fear have quieted the righteous. What is going on in America right now is so very big that we must speak about it with the hope of enlightening others. 

This election season has convinced me of many things. The LORD’s return is closer than ever. That is no profound statement, but it is true. The apostle Paul looked up for His return. We can safely leave these details to God. He has definitively stated that no one knows when He will return, but that He will return. He has also commanded that we occupy until He comes. There is a lot of occupying going on, but it does not seem to be by the righteous. Does this election matter?

I say it does, because our vote testifies of what we believe. Here are some of the things that affect my vote:

I cannot vote the Democratic ticket because of their official platform. The things they officially endorse are the things God hates. 

Donald Trump is a nationalist. We do not agree on everything, but I know of no one that I agree with on every issue. That truth means that we are all wrong on certain issues. All men are liars. God is true. 

God designated groups of people to become countries; the Bible has nothing positive to say about a one world system that politicians are openly promoting. 

Do not be deceived by the self-righteous words of preudo-conservatives that claim they cannot vote for Donald Trump. Do some research on the world banking system. You will be enlightened very quickly. Many of these men, and women, have much to lose if America retakes her position as a sovereign nation. 

George Soros, an enemy of freedom and the United States is throwing money at every wickedly devised program in America. The purpose is to throw the vote from a patriotic, God-fearing people to a liberal, unbelieving segment of the population. Know, too, that Soros money is but the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

We have never seen an election like this before. Every vote does matter, very much. The polls may say that Hillary is losing but the intensity of the battle is increasing. To have Donald Trump win the presidency of the United States will undermine plans that have been long in place. Satan will go down fighting in every instance. 

When President Obama was elected, no one wanted him to succeed more than I did. I would have happily voted for him the second time, while admitting that I was wrong about his intent for America. I wanted him to do well; I wanted to be wrong. My estimations were wrong; he has not been weak but has used his strength to take deadly blows upon “the land that I love.”  As he prepared for his second term, I realized that many Americans were blind to truth, because of poor choices made when they had information in the past. He has been the fruit of bad choices. 

Donald Trump has lived the American dream and I believe that his every motive may not be altruistic; whose every motive is? He is a patriot and acknowledges the exceptionalism that the United States of America is. If he follows through on five of his promises, he will go down in history as the greatest president we have ever had. He knows this. 

God’s promises are not dictated by the outcome of this election. I think of my children, the children of my loved ones and their children. Think of the next generation of those you love.  God does give His children grace and mercy, but they will bear the harvest too.  Our country is in shambles because generations have turned their backs upon God, even in rearing of their beloved children. Verbalizing the truth makes it seem unthinkable, but the truth remains the truth.

We may not fully know what kind of president Donald Trump will make but we do know what kind of president Hillary Clinton will make and for that reason I fortify my vote with prayer. God said in 2 Chronicles 7:14: If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 

I believe Him, but we must not forget our part of the bargain. If we humble ourselves, and pray and seek His face. Also, we must turn from our wicked ways. God will forgive us and heal our land and then we will have a worthy legacy to leave to the next generation. Our futures are held in the hands of God, but we have stewardship of our days.

Coming full-circle, we could lose the freedom to serve the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac in many countries.  Selah. We must be involved as God leads. 

Democracy and defense are not substitutes for one another. Either alone will fail.   Spoken by John F. Kennedy – the last Democratic president that understood what America means.