“For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly. O LORD of hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in thee.” (Psalms 84:11-12)

I trust that the promise in Psalms 84:12 applies to women too. Agreed?  More than ever, I feel that I need the shield of God. I left on a trip alone on the 4th of this month, April. I felt apprehensive about making this trip alone. Do I have to do this? Am I too old? Is it safe? Is this God’s will? Why am I doing this? 

Having made commitments for the month that involved travel, making the trip was my only real choice. Some would call that “no choice,” but I do not. I could have chosen to cancel, but for me that choice was wrong.

Why was I so apprehensive about this trip? There was a time and not so long ago that travel alone was not remotely intimidating. I attribute my trepidation to make this trip to my unseen, but real adversary. This truth was confirmed throughout April.

I will tell you about my trip in the coming week.

Today I want to focus briefly on the simplicity that is in Christ; He has given us a life that may not be easy, but His rules are simple and it is on those I focus, daily claiming promises.

On the first day I traveled I read the 84th Psalm. I considered: I endeavor to trust in God and to walk uprightly. It is safe to travel!  God will bless my trip. Before backing out of my garage, I prayed and started my engine, my mind focused on His promises without forgetting my part. I must walk uprightly. How do I do that? 

Back to simple rules: We are to love God, then love others.  (Matthew 22:37-40) On these commandments rest all the others. That is what runs through my mind. And then, “What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.”

Dear Ladies, we all have fears and struggles in our lives. Like the final verse in Psalms 84 is written in the masculine, fears and struggles are not specific to women!

We were created to need God; recognising our need of God is a sign of strength, contrary to what the “world” may think. Our God is a sun and a shield to us. If we ever needed a shield, it is today. That very sentence has been likely spoken throughout every generation throughout the ages. The need for God’s shield, sun and blessing is timeless, as is every word in the timeless love letter He left us through the Bible. It was written before the foundations of the world. My mind cannot conceive it, but my heart knows it is true.

Harry and I wrote many letters to each other. I marvelled; sometimes he wrote two of them a day, each mailed separately. How wonderful to have known that kind of devotion. I thought the letters were gone, burnt in a house fire in 1999, but a few months back I found several of them. Why were they separated from the rest? I cannot imagine, but I have them. 

How precious and touching to find them, and to be reminded of the depth of Harry’s feeling for me and hopes for our life together. Yet those precious letters are dated, while the precious words in the Bible are timeless. God’s love, care and protection for me lives on past the love shown so many ways by my husband. 

God’s promises, like His care are eternal. Ladies, we need the care and blessing of God; we desire every good thing from Him. He promises these things if we will walk uprightly. 

  1. Loving Him.
  2. Loving others.

That is how we walk uprightly.


Sometimes communication is a problem….