Week 23

Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.  1 Corinthians 15:58

My son, fear thou the LORD and the king: and meddle not with them that are given to change:  Proverbs 24:21

Stability is preferable in every way. Did you ever set a cup of tea on the sofa beside you, thinking that it would be fine for a moment? Very precarious idea, but most of us have done it and spent the next 15 minutes reminding ourselves that we could have grabbed a little table and saved a lot of time and frustration.

Women crave stability.  We want it in our homes, our finances, our marriages.  Let us touch on our homes. Home involves the structure, the house itself and home includes those living in the structure. They are, in fact, what makes the house a home, in much the same way the church is the group of family that meets together. 

When our family home burned 2 days before Christmas in 1999, my husband and I set out to rebuild and had many decisions to make.  As debris was removed and the foundation was exposed, we instructed that the foundation of the burnt out house should be removed too. We did not want to rebuild on a weak foundation. 

Each of our lives are built upon a foundation. Mine is absolutely built on The Rock. Jesus Christ offered Himself up for me and I chose Him to build on. Like our family home that burned, there was a time that I began building anew and this was upon Jesus Christ, my new and firm Foundation. The stability of this Foundation would ensure that I could withstand the winds that would blow throughout my life.

I want it to be said of my life that I have been stedfast and unmovable. I want my life to reflect stability, made possible because of my Foundation. This is a testimony that takes shape over years. Stability happens on purpose, by making good decisions and keeping them. 

We replaced the foundation of our home because we were not sure of the stability of the one that we looked at after the fire. Under this cement slab is literal Florida sand. We had to begin again with a sure foundation. 

Many people live their lives making decisions based upon what they know, what they feel and sometimes these decisions appear to yield well, but this is building on sand, which makes for an unreliable foundation. Over a lifetime, decisions made without the foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ will not yield a life reflecting stability. We were given  brains and they assist in decision-making but wisdom strengthens decisions and true wisdom is impossible without God. In truth, true wisdom will always lead a soul to God.

I struggle with making decisions. My partner of many years in the decision making process is not here anymore to offer his input. He was a great decision maker and I watched him make decisions and stick with them. There were times I did not agree with his decisions but I admired his strength and stability, once I overcame the idea that his stability was merely stubbornness. It is important to appreciate stability and not to confuse it with stubbornness. Stubbornness, after all is being unmovable and it seems to me that this is an honourable characteristic when supported by a foundation of faith in the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac. 

Observing the world we live in, I see men, and women, given to change. They do not respect truly elected leaders and their words are spoken without care of truth. This is evident because within a short time, they tell another story. These are glaring examples and we can all name public figures that are guilty of instability; they are given to change. Their foundation is weak and great will be the fall. 

Let us consider ourselves and our circle of contacts. The Bible admonishes us to stay away from people that are given to change.  We are not to meddle, or mingle with those given to change. 

I consider my own friends. We may not always agree on every topic, but I like that. I learn from them and vice versa. We are not the same and we do not entirely view the things of life in the same way, BUT!  My friendships that have lasted decades have one thing in common. Their foundation is the Lord Jesus Christ. They possess stability that only comes from One Foundation. Our structure may vary, but the foundation is the same.

Because of that, they are able to lend support to me as I make decisions alone again. The basis of their opinions is the same as mine. Just a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine, gently, but assuredly reminded me of some truths that I allowed myself to forget.  I still recall her words as I progress in making a decision at this time. I knew what she would say, because she stays the same, but hearing those words said aloud affirmed a truth to me. I need to wait before building to ensure stability. 

And often we do need to wait, or we can create our own house of cards.  (I thought that metaphor fit because we are talking stability and foundations and such!)

Her testimony is a life that rests on the solid rock foundation and her life is one of stability despite trials she has endured. Those are the friends that will last a lifetime, if you endeavor to that kind of a life, only possible when your foundation is The Word of God. 

Let us aim for stability in our own lives by surrounding ourselves with friends that have had the fortitude to choose Christ, keeping Him when the going gets hard. These are the friendships worth building and building takes effort, but, oh … it is worth the effort to build relationships that will last your lifetime. 

Stability need not be dry or dull. Think of the most beautiful structures in the world. How they vary. Elegant lines, abstract edges or gentle slopes, so different but they owe their longevity to the same thing, a stable foundation. Translate that to people and I think of those with happy countenances, a sense of joy, a quiet and meek spirit, an outgoing personality, all different yet beautiful when built upon Stability, the Solid Rock.

If your foundation is Jesus Christ, you are standing on solid ground. Keep building. Try new things. Share what you have done. Doing so will strengthen your stability, and so, your happiness. 

Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives. C.S. Lewis

Lavender tea with Crumpets is a Win!


I told you about adding lavender syrup to a cup of Earl Grey Tea with a splash of milk. I found brands of this syrup that were tasty, but it is still made with lots of sugar. Why not make your own with honey, preferably raw honey from a local beekeeper? It is easy; I encourage you to try it. Use dried lavender blossoms that are edible. You can find them in large grocery stores, sometimes at stores like Home Goods in their gourmet section or online.

Lavender Simple Syrup

12 ounces honey

12 ounces pure water

1/2 cup dried lavender

Bring water to a boil; steep lavender leaves for about 15 minutes.  Add honey and stir until dissolved. Pour into a bottle. This will keep in your refrigerator for several months. I expect you will use it more quickly! 

If I set up a beverage bar, I bring it out ahead of time so it is at room temp. Don’t want it to cool your tea off quickly!