Week 12

Always a good thing; stability in a house, a piece of furniture, a ladder, our finances, our minds and our beliefs. When I think of something being stable I think of something solid or sound. It will not give way under pressure. Stability is often equated with something new and fresh, but not always. A house’s stability has little to do with age and more with how and where it was constructed. Stable things last if taken care of.

If a ladder is stored properly, away from the elements, it can last decades. Stability in finances requires attention and discipline. When a child begins walking, they are not stable at all. They learn. Muscles develop; there is no stopping them as stability increases.  God has an order for life, right ways to do things. His Word gives guidance and perspective on homebuilding, finances, our minds; stability. The Bible is a perfect source for stability in all things. 

For something to remain stable, maintenance is required. That is why we service our vehicles every few thousand miles. We make repairs to our homes regularly, staving off decay that will cause that will cause deterioration to its value and to its ability to provide shelter. 

Old furniture can be equally stable to a new piece, but better. Given proper care, its longevity is increased and its craftsmanship and beauty can be enjoyed for centuries. The joints of an old piece of furniture can weaken over time because of exposure to moisture or exposure to the sun.  I think of an old bookcase or cabinet versus a modern day laminate-type. An old bookcase can be refurbished and become as beautiful and stable as the day it was made.

Bookcases today are often glued and screwed in to a product that is made from sawdust, formed with a mixture of glue and resins.  It will not be long until it is carried to the roadside to be picked up for the trash heap. If we place a wooden bookcase along the street someone will pick it up and refurbish it, ultimately having a stable bookcase once again.

The Bible teaches principles about finances. Work hard. Tithe and give offerings. The Bible teaches building a savings, but not hoarding it. The Bible teaches that we are stewards of our finances and not owners, that if we are good stewards, He will bless; God will provide.  I trust that kind of stability.

Who doesn’t want stability in their lives? Stability gives freedom and increases options and opportunities. Achieving stability requires effort and care. Already I have mentioned several areas where stability is advantageous. You know me; I am closing in on the ultimate: Stability in our minds and thinking.

Not easily shaken. Not given to change.

Is stability possible in today’s world? I could end here with a simple and dogmatic  “yes.” Biblical principles, applied correctly,  benefit every generation, each person that will receive Its truths. Speaking briefly to this generation:

We are greatly affected by technology. That the internet is an amazing thing is not overstating it. What a tool. Like any tool, it can be used to enhance our lives or it can cause destruction. We are watching the latter today. Misuse of inventions developed by brains created by God, Who is denied, even blasphemed. Blaspheming a God you deny the existence of gives a hint to the stability of a person. Agree?

Let us look at one area that almost everyone uses: one form of social media or another. It can be compelling to look at pictures on Instagram or watch videos for hours. I “got Instagram” because I love to see what family, friends and people I admire are doing. I will use myself as an example.

Problem is, interspersed throughout what I signed up for, are images that will catch my attention. The internet knows that I love looking at homes and decor, even specific styles. You would only have to peruse my Instagram account to know what I am interested in.  Mixed in with postings of friends and family are posts about home design and decor, yes; coffee pictures too. There are many posts that would be of interest to Christians. They have sprinkled conservative Instagram feeds throughout the ones I have chosen.

You will not see many pictures of cleaning fish, the latest Lacrosse gear or grafting of trees. You will not see pictures of celebrities doing what they do. Generally, what is there is what I am interested in. So my account appears wholesome for the most part. Occasionally, a post is added that my eyes should not see. An accident? Well – no. Likely, not.

My eyes and heart are affected. When I am not offended, slightly shocked or disgusted by these rogue posts, it is way past time to shut down in order to maintain a stable mind. Also I learned to change settings to keep trash to a minimum. If we are captivated or drawn in by impure content online, then our sensibilities are askew. Our mental stability is wavering. Be reminded that it is always easier to pull you down than to lift you up. 

I will readily admit, but not with pride, that I study some of the unsolicited pictures that appear on Instagram. Do I want what I see? No. Not really, but I study them to consider why I like them. Is it a style I might want to adapt into my own decor? I consider how I can do that. What catches my interest most often is how an object is like something I already have, but is used in a fresh way. 

Stability is not changing but being the best of who you were created to be. Everyone is not the same, fortunately. My best friends all share one attribute, which makes for stable friendships that last a lifetime: I am a companion of all them that fear thee, and of them that keep thy precepts.  Psalms 119:63.  After that, they are wonderfully diverse.

I am going to close with verses that spoke to me about stability and tell you why.

  • But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.  James 1:25.  Staying in the Bible, grabbing it to read regularly when you have a few minutes beyond the regular daily time adds stability and blessing to your life. This is what the “perfect law” tells us. If we really believed that God’s Word is timeless, that it would keep our minds, then we’d run to it when we feel at risk of losing our minds. 
  • And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7   This verse supports stability of comment made above. God will keep our hearts and minds. That is real stability, and readily sourced!
  • The wise man that built upon the rock came to mind as did the little song that contrasted him to the foolish man. Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:  Matthew 7:24  The wise man, you see, is the one that hears and does the things that God says to do. The wise man chose well; he chose the Words of Life – stability.
  • … meddle not with them that are given to change:  Proverbs 24:21b.  When we overload our minds with what the world seems to offer, we become agitated and dissatisfied.  We should be leery of taking advice from people that follow trends. When I want to learn something, like many others do, I source YouTube. Their filming locations tell me as much as their words do. Also, the way they communicate can cause me to look for another teacher.  I prefer learning from those that are comfortable in their comfortable surroundings and speak with an air of contentedness, proper English void of coarse language. Stability.
  • A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.  James 1:8   James speaks truth to the church. This is a person that we do not want to have as a close friend. More so, this is not a person we want to be. By staying in Scripture, surrounding yourself with godly friends, we will be fixed in our beliefs and our faith. THAT is a stable person.

Just remember, Ladies, that stability today does not guarantee stability tomorrow. Without regular maintenance – when the winds blow hard – and they will, we may shake but when it passes – and it will – we will still be standing! 

CRUMPETS:   One of Lois’ friends gave her a gift several years back.  It was wonderful! This card file suits Lois well. Holidays and occasions are divided and separated. What an easy project to do. This will ensure that almost every time you have an appropriate card on hand and that you won’t have to search for it.

It will not be bent or have a dirty envelope. Having a well-organised card system will encourage you to encourage others more frequently. I have done this for years; because the cards are separated into occasions, you can tell when your supply is low. You will be reminded to replenish before the need arises. (Amanda’s set-up is nicer than mine, so I took a picture of the one she gave Lois.)