This book is more of a compilation I did than a book that I actually wrote. It is a collected series of Bible verses and quotations that I collected over a decade. It is a book that I would have readily purchased had it been written. You have heard it said that if you cannot find the book you want, then write it.

That is what I did.

Each copy is $12.00, if I can get it to you in person. If you need it shipped, it is $15.00

Several people mentioned a desire for more than one copy for gifts. It is Christmas and this would make a fabulous Christmas gift that would be used for years to come. A gift that is used for years is a win!

Sharing my favorite inspirations throughout the month of October inspired me to create a packet of them, more neatly written and more portable. Each set contains 30 encouraging verses. They are business card size and are coated for strength and longevity. I am carrying a packet of these in my purse instead of my handwritten ones. They have been a source of strength to me already. A set of 15 cards, with 30 verses, in a resealable plastic bag, as shown.

As well as encouraging yourself, they would make great stocking stuffers and individually great inserts in a card or note.

These are $5.00/set and there is no additional cost for shipping.

If you would like to see carefully chosen excerpts from this book, sign up for regular news. As my Christmas gift, I have included the entire Christmas Chapter! (I never share names or addresses; I promise.)


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