Good day ladies. Nearly a week has passed since Easter. Over a month has passed since we’ve been asked to stay in our homes as much as possible. I am continuing to read Proverbs 31, verses 10 to 31, that speak about the woman we often refer to as the Proverbs 31 Woman.

I have heard much teaching and preaching about this woman. I do think her story is an example of what a woman can do and what a woman can be.  I think she is there to encourage us and not to discourage us.

But seriously!

This woman…

  •  Gathers raw materials required to make fabric and then to make garments.
  •  Her hands are always busy.
  •  She buys food for the family, and apparently she travels quite a ways in order to do it.
  •  She works into the night, then gets up before the sun and prepares food for her family and her maidens.
  •  She buys property that she has selected herself, and with her own hands she plants grape vines.  Busy hands.
  • She keeps herself strong, realizing that it is important to be healthy in order to be most productive.
  •  She makes linen, then she sells it.
  •  She ministers to the poor, and she uses her own hands to do it. 
  •  She is wise and kind, and that does not happen by accident.
  •  She supports her husband in such a way that adds to his prominence in the community.
  •  He completely trust her.  He knows her heart is toward him and their family. She will never betray him. He knows these things.

 The things I’ve listed are not a complete description of all that she does. A couple of important things are omitted. I think of this list and I wonder…

  • When does she sleep? WHEN DOES THIS WOMAN SLEEP?
  •  When does she spend time with the Lord?
  •  When did she find time to dress and keep herself presentable, even beautiful?

These questions came to my mind as I pondered this woman this week.  I think I have a plausible answer and one that we can learn from.  The more I thought about it, the more encouraged I became about meeting the responsibilities of my own life. I hope that you will be encouraged also. 

 I want to tell you that the Lord put this into my mind because I believe He did. I was walking and thinking about the Proverbs 31 woman and pondering the things that she did and wondering, “how how could it be”? I thought of her for many years and always thought well of her, but this past week my understanding has increased.

 I believe she had a routine of what we could even call “self-care.”  When someone asks me what I have done on a particular day, I can list a few to a great many things that I might have accomplished on that day. 
There are other things that are either obvious, or personal, that I would not  name. I do not name every little thing… like brushing my teeth or my hair.

  •  I would not tell you that I slept, because it is obvious that I had to sleep.
  •  I would not tell you that I spent time with the Lord, because that is something that everybody does – isn’t it? It is also something that feels somewhat private, although I don’t know that it should be. 
  •  I would not describe my personal grooming time that morning,  or the process of dressing. I hope that would be somewhat obvious.  It is something that we all do.

I believe the Proverbs 31 woman accomplished so much and did so with grace because she took time after her rest to prepare for her day. Her personal routine prepared her for great accomplishments. She was ready to meet each day with determination to live it victoriously. She had been fortified.

I have accomplished a lot of things this month, but not necessarily the things that I wanted to. I will save that story for another day, but I tell you this because my schedule has gotten off kilter.

  • I’m not getting up as early as I used to get up.  That is probably because I am not settling down at night the way that I use to. Doesn’t everyone know that reading or watching the news in bed is havoc? I do it anyway and suffer for it. 
  •  My morning routine generally takes 2 to 2 1/2 hours and goes a long way in preparing me for my day. I continue to spend time with the Lord and I return to Him throughout the day. I feel though, that I am more distracted in the morning, because the phone may ring or I may get texts. When you begin your time with the Lord at 5 AM or even 6 AM, you are not likely to be distracted. None of us is perfect, but I do realize what I’m doing is not working as well is what I used to do. I don’t want this to be the way that I continue to do my mornings. Also when it gets to be 8:30 and I am just sitting down to read my Bible, I feel that I am off-schedule and this bothers me – maybe more than it should – because it is becoming habitual. It is not working for me. 
  •  I still dress every day. I planned to put on a pretty caftan to lounge and take it easy on Easter Day, but I didn’t. I got dressed. You see, when we develop certain habits it is very hard to get away from them entirely.

 Proverbs 31 does not talk about this woman’s private rituals,  but I believe she had them or she would not have accomplished the kinds of things that she was able to. I think her accomplishments and productivity level sound supernatural.  Like her,  we are women of God, children of the King of Kings who Son was resurrected. Before ascending to Heaven, He left His Spirit to help us, to live within us! THAT IS SUPERNATURAL!  Who we are is something that we can marvel about and must meditate upon. Very few of us use the gifts and abilities that we were given to use. Think about how having the very Spirit of God living in you sets you apart from most of the world. That is something to meditate upon. 

But I tell you, I believe with everything that is in me, so long as we have breath within us we can continue to do things that might seem supernatural to others. We might amaze ourselves occasionally!

Imagine yourself to be a woman like the woman of Proverbs 31 and determine daily to be that woman… a woman that you will feel at peace with.

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend. Our time at home is showing signs of wrapping up so let us redeem the time!

Bye now. Be back soon!

The fact that I am a woman does not make me a different kind of Christian, but the fact that I am a Christian makes me a different kind of woman. Elisabeth Elliot