Week 43

I stretch forth my hands unto thee: my soul thirsteth after thee, as a thirsty land. Selah. (Psalms 143:6)

It is commonly known that a body can live just three or four days without water. Without liquids, we become thirs-tea within hours. God designed our body to crave what it needs. What is your pleasure? Fresh brewed tea, cold sweet tea, coffee or soda? As options for beverage choices increased, water took a back seat to many of these beverages. 

When I am genuinely thirsty, nothing satisfies like water. It is life-sustaining and we were made to desire it. Recall those times water tasted so good and so sweet that it was a pleasure. I am ever amazed when I hear someone say that they never drink water, that they only drink other beverages. They appear to be hydrated through what they drink and what they eat. Choosing to live without water that is freely available will cause damage to the body eventually. Because of the remarkable ability of the body to heal, we can purpose to make changes today that our bodies will quickly appreciate. Purpose to drink more water.

Being thirsty is a gift, a gentle reminder that our bodies need rehydrated. I am thankful that I rarely drink water in the night. I do get thirsty in the night though. But not for water as is commonly thought of. I awaken thinking that I need to read my Bible. I read it during the day, but sometimes I crave it at night as if it were water. It is; it is Living Water. 

When you are physically more active or have eaten excess salt, you may be unusually thirsty. When you are struggling to cope with a particular situation, you may find you need more Living Water.

Within the pages of my Bible I find Water to quench my thirst that is every bit as real as my thirst that is satisfied with water from a cup. I know that I need it and that I cannot wait until morning. There are times that nothing will satisfy but Water – and Ladies – this is how God made us. 

Sleep is very important. This is how God made us. Ideally, sleeping through the night is best, not arising for water of any kind. If we are thirsty in the night, it may mean that need to be dehydrated, from lack of water throughout the day. 

Understanding that our bodies need literal water, we should not be surprised when we crave Living Water, for He is vital to eternal life. Often when we feel something is missing from our lives, we can be relieved with Living Water. 

I’ve heard a phrase often, and seen it on cups and walls. When I rise, give me Jesus. A cup of Jesus when we awaken in not enough to truly sustain us throughout our days, just as a glass of water is not sufficient for the day. We need water throughout.

We have seasons in life that require adapting. I remember when my girls were very small, getting up from my bed at 2AM to go out into my living room to pray. For a short season, this is what I felt I needed to do. I have clear testimony of the benefits in making time to pray, even if it is in the middle of the night. 

I am in a season now, that I awaken with the feeling that I need to read my Bible. It does not happen every night but more than it used to. I am probably thirsty and in need of spiritual hydration. I could stay in bed probably and fight that feeling but I don’t. It seems to correlate to trials and concerns and so I rise. 

Usually my thirst is quickly quenched and I return to bed relaxed and ready to sleep, my eyes nicely tired from reading and body relaxed by the truths of Scripture. 

There are reasons we get thirsty. No matter the kind of thirst, it signals a need for hydration. Different seasons or activities require different levels of hydration. I encourage you to be sensitive to the needs of your body and spirit. 

Living alone and not caring for little ones does give me a bit of liberty in regard to getting up and reading in the night. If done too frequently, my body feels the lack of proper rest and feels much like jet lag. I’ve found the answer is preventative medicine. It does not work all of the time, but does most of the time.

Getting up and having a glass of water while my coffee brews is part of my morning routine. Taking the coffee into my desk to read and study with my Living Water is what I do each morning.  As the day progresses I enjoy more than one cup of coffee, interspersed with clean, pure water. It is reasonable to think that one glass of Living Water in the morning is not enough for the day.

We live in a world of choices. I mentioned some of our beverage choices at the beginning. The variety is enjoyed often to the neglect of water. Intake of Living Water has stiff competition too from the world, so many things to catch our attention. Yet these things are no substitute for The Word of God. They will never fully satisfy. In truth, they make your lack of Living Water more evident. 

The same way I discipline myself to drink water in-between cups of coffee, I discipline myself to drink from the fountain of Living Water throughout the day. When I do not drink enough water my body feels it; when I do not drink enough Living Water my spirit feels it.

In 2021, I see people drinking from their bottles of water throughout the day. They carry water everywhere they go. This is a good thing. But Ladies, have you ever thought about how many of these souls have hydrated their bodies but their souls are totally depleted from lack of Living Water. When you have gone without water long enough, you no longer crave it, you know something is not right. When does it become too late?

Thirst is a gift of God. It is a signal that we need water. It is ironic that the Bible is referred to as Living Water, that Jesus referred to Himself as Living Water. Or … is it not ironic at all, but part of God’s magnificent design? We were made to thirst.

I end with a quote taken from a classic, first introduced to me in White Pine, Tennessee over 20 years ago. THE PURSUIT OF GOD. This article has inspired me to listen to the book. The audio version is available several places for no cost. Because it is now Public Domain, it may be downloaded at no cost from the Gutenberg Press. This book is one that satisfies a third every time I read it. This is a book that draws me back to Jesus, The Living Water.

Thirsty hearts are those whose longings have been wakened by the touch of God within them. A.W.Tozer


  October ends with a holiday called Halloween, which is a celebration of death. But! Do you know of its origins? The original holiday was not what it has become. Here is an excellent article by “Answers in Genesis.”  If you are already aware of origins, you may learn additional information from this article. (always a believer of precept upon precept!) I did and I am glad I researched this. Answers in Genesis also has a film about Halloween. My home church is showing this film this week.

The article is called Halloween Origin: Halloween History and the Bible, written by Bodie Hodge.