Good day Ladies!

This is departure day! Pretty well packed and situated for travel. First, a Covid test… I will have that done about noon today. Trusting the results will not hamper travel plans.

I travel through Germany, arriving there – in their time – tomorrow about noon. I have a couple of hours there and on to Delhi, the Capitol of India. I arrive there at 12:55am, Indian time on Wednesday and after 2 more flights, one to Mumbai, formerly Bombay and one into my city I should see my Werner Family. About noon Wednesday – their time. 

Preparation for a trip like this is massive but not overly daunting because of years; nay! Decades of this doing this. The Pandemic has added complications and travel has never been less pleasurable. I pray for grace and favour from those I come into contact with as I maneuver  my way to the other side of the world. Just because the journey is generally not pleasurable does not mean it is not tolerable. Most every part of the trip can have interesting moments that can be enjoyed if you have that expectation. A good attitude does wonders in every situation. 

By the time I slip into my airplane seat, I am more than ready to go. Last week I made a To-Do list – or I will forget! These are the little details involved in making a move like this. I don’t make a packing list, but I do have a system. Not foolproof, but quite adequate. A list is not perfect either. It may not be complete and I may not read it carefully, missing something on the list. My best friend in packing is quiet concentration as I actually pack.

As I write this quick post, I am not packed. I don’t pack early; I tend to forget what I have packed. Instead I corral the things I want to take and then pack.

Have done my morning routine, I reviewed my final week list.  I circled the things that I may have to attend to before I leave. Looks pretty good, manageable, but not deceive myself. I need to keep moving.

I did not plan it this way, but I finished the Psalms this morning, after an extended visit with them, several months. They turned out to be “for such a time as this.” To God be the glory!

Great things He does daily! Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD. Psalms 150:6!

What is in my carry on for this trip of about 30 hours?  A couple light necessities, in the event I get waylaid on the trip. Rarely use them, but learned it is wise to pack a few necessities into a large ziplock bag in the event! I carry food. Several small packages of smoked salmon, a couple pieces of my favorite cheeses, some almond flour shortbread, loaded with pecans.Those goodies, though few, will likely remain uneaten and so I can share my goodies with my “grands” at the other end of the trip. Make a memory!

I carry an empty 20 ounce insulated coffee container. After I clear security, I find a coffee stand and fill it with fresh, black coffee. This is plenty to enjoy for a long flight. I attach it to the outside of my personal bag so I don’t have to mess with it until I want/need it, keeping my hands free!

Who knows? Maybe there will be a movie on the plane that I might enjoy, but if not I downloaded an audiobook for the trip. The one I chose is about and written by one of the Orlando Magic Players. The title is Why I Stand, by Jonathan Isaac. The title tells you much; his decision to stand is wrapped in faith. How he met his wife was intriguing too. I think it will be a good read/listen, a story of faith, character and love; can’t pass that up! And don’t forget the courage! I love stories about someone with courage to take a stand. Ofttimes, they appear to be a minority. In this story, the author may appear to stand alone, but I suspect many Americans stand with him. Will let you know what I thought of the book when I finish it.

I’ll be “catching up” with you in the coming weeks, little at a time, but for today, just wanted to reintroduce myself! I am Cindyann, and I am back.

I appreciate your prayers as I head east alone, but never alone.

“But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” (1 Corinthians 2:9)