Sugar-Free and Egg free Marshmallows!

I have not shared a recipe in a long time, but here is one for the children. No, actually, adults too. We do not buy the best-selling marshmallows because they are … well read the ingredients. I make these for my grands and they can eat with abandon, if we let them. Very simple and healthy ingredients. Making these requires a serious tool, in my opinion – a good stand-mixer. Once assembled an on their way, I think of this as a no fuss thing… I turn on the mixer and clean up the kitchen. By the time my marshmallow mixture is ready to be put into a pan, my kitchen is pretty good shape.

The key ingredient that I use is 100% beef gelatin. Beef gelatin in marshmallows? Why, yes! Adds no flavor but is rich in nutrients. This requires a sugar-free sweetener. I think you will find the best texture is created by using xylitol. You can try other sweeteners, but I have had great results using the recommendations of cooks that have done the trial and error.  I use Xylitol from Trim Healthy Mama, because I am satisfied that they monitor the quality of their products.  Their products are not inexpensive, but they do have substantial markdowns throughout the year.

The recipe I have settled with from this sight, and here is the link: 

“Back in the day,” I made marshmallows with typical sweeteners, a treat for holidays, but when we know to do better, we must. Children are not the only ones that like marshmallows and once again, we can enjoy this treat without taking swipes at our energy levels. It is funny/not funny … you give a child sugar and they are bouncing off the walls. You give a woman of a certain age sugar, and her energy level is depleted – for days.

I made these for India’s birthday this past week as part of a fondue party. Not sure if the fondue was the highlight or if the entertainment was. We watched the Queen Esther play live from Sight and Sound in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  What a fun evening! 

Many highlights from the evening, but I think my favorite was by Lois’ son, Joash.  I threw handfuls of artificial fall leaves everywhere as part of my fall decor. This ruffled his sensitivities. He seemed agitated but disappeared toward the playroom. Wasn’t long until I saw him sweeping them up into a dust pan and heading for the trash. His daddy headed him off and we explained that they were there for fun. I think he thinks his grandmother is a bit “touched.” Maybe she is.

I am putting a series of pictures on my Instagram at either CindyannRasquinha or EncouragementsForWomen. 

This might be a fun thing to make for your holiday tomorrow! Make it a good one. We have a marvelous country, by the grace of God!

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. Albert Einstein