Why I Stand

A Book Written, and narrated by Jonathan Isaac

You would never call me a sport’s fan, nor am I entirely neglectful of everything that is sports.  Sometimes, the stories of athlete’s lives make a sport or a particular team more interesting. 

Little more than a month ago, “Why I Stand” was released. The release of this book entered my radar. My interest was so piqued that I researched Jonathan Isaac. After reading several articles and watching an interview on the Mike Huckabee show (thank you to YouTube!) I knew that I wanted to hear more of this young man’s story. With a series of long flights days away, I ordered the audio version of this short read. Before my final flight, I finished it. His narration made the story more enjoyable, I thought. 

Within a few days I ordered 2 books for 2 families, particularly because I thought they have young men that would be greatly encouraged by Jonathan’s story. 

Jonathan was raised in a good home; he was loved and hard work was displayed before him everyday. As most of us do, he struggled with feelings of inadequacies, not being enough – in today’s vernacular. 

This book tells his story of faith built upon strong values already formed. This book tells of his first experience with spiritual leadership failing before him and the stumbles it contributed to. God freely gives opportunities for redemption and Jonathan tells of the journey from that heartache to healing.

God did not give up on Jonathan and he did not give up on God! Divine appointment brought another man of God into his life. This story is strong, with moments of laugh out loud humor. 

Jonathan tells how he met his wife. A mission-focused church was fundamental in their meeting. With his fame, he’d reached a place that he could have married just about any woman he desired.  Jonathan found a wife; God said he found a good thing! You will love their love story. You might think it could only happen in a movie, but no, cool things happen when we are in the place God calls us to be.

“Why I Stand” shows the steps in his life that allowed him to (quite literally) stand when all about him were on bended knee. It seems though, because of the grace in his life that he is managing to take his stand without turning his teammates against him. 

A member of the Orlando Magic Basketball Team, he stood during the National Anthem.  On the basketball court is not the only place Jonathan has stood. I encourage you to pray for this man and his family and of course, to read this book. 

As a “woman of a certain age” this book encouraged even me.  How refreshing it was to “meet” a young man in the spotlight that is brave and that loves our country while loving others. His attitude is far beyond many of my age. He tells his story gently; between the lines I read that there is hope for all of us to do better as we take our proverbial stands everyday.

Our stories are all different, but we can care deeply about each other and want the best for them despite our differences. There is a time to kneel – when we pray – and there is a time to stand. Mr. Isaac has learned the difference at a very young age. What a bright future ahead; this is the kind of man that I feel truly happy for their success. Hard work and the Grace of God is an unbeatable combination!

Honestly, this story is just so lovely and encouraging that midway through the book I thought “they need to make this into a movie.” Well; they are! Jonathan announced this near the end of the book.

Don’t wait for the movie. This is a short read and you will be “in the know” about a young man making a difference in world today.

“Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.” (Joshua 1:9)